Strategy Burst

burst coaching

Strategy Burst

Work is changing faster than ever. Sometimes it helps to have a thought partner.

Work One-on-One with Carolyn Solares to unlock your best thinking, evolve strategies and advance complex work (even in the matrix).

Part collaboration, part coaching

What’s included

  • 3 Strategy Sessions (90 mins each)
  • Each session is tailored to what’s most important to you and the work you’re leading now.
  • Synthesized session notes, so you have a record of your insights and action plans.
  • Special focus on navigating the politics and personalities that can thwart strategies – and careers.
  • MurphyMerton™ Simple Mental Models and tools you can use in your work immediately.
  • Practices to thrive in the matrix.


Carolyn borrows from across many disciplines in the MurphyMerton™ Burst Coaching approach, including:

Agile, Business Strategy, Business Architecture, Org Design/OE/OD, Innovation, DevOps, Marketing, Change Management, Project Management, Critical Thinking, Integral Psychology, Neuroscience-based Coaching…

This integrated approach lets you expand and apply what you know in new ways. If you have a favorite framework or approach, we’ll incorporate that too.

Strategy Burst $2375

Work differently.