12-Month Burst Support

Be supported.

Burst Support helps you adapt and thrive in accelerating and constant change.

The rules are changing faster than ever. What used to happen over a career, now happens in a matter of weeks. Sometimes it happens all at once.

And you deserve to feel supported.

Design your personal support system:

  • Keep your cool in this era of constant change.
  • Simplify how you work while getting more done.
  • Unlock capacity to do more of what you love, including in the job you currently have.
  • Side-step the mental traps and distractions that derail great work, sound business strategies, and even careers.
  • Navigate politics with ease (and integrity).
  • Feel better about work, while you’re at work.


Create your own support system, whether you’re inventing new products, evolving a business, delivering a new body of work, launching a new product, ready for a promotion, managing overload, dealing with daily frustrations, or figuring out what’s next. (Or all of the above.)

What’s included in Burst Support:

  • 12 personalized coaching sessions with Carolyn Solares (approx 75 minutes each)
  • Quick response to schedule time for urgent problem-solving, new projects, work headaches
  • Simple Mental Models and tools that you can use (and share)
  • Evening and weekend appointments if needed
  • Synthesized Session notes, so you have a record of your thinking, insights, and breakthroughs
  • Priority scheduling


About the Burst Coaching approach: 

Carolyn borrows from across disciplines in the MurphyMerton™ Burst Coaching approach, including:

Agile, Strategy, Business Architecture, Org Design/OE/OD, Innovation, DevOps, Marketing, Change Management, Project Management, Critical Thinking, Integral Psychology, Neuroscience-based Coaching…

The goal is to make this Support as flexible and relevant to you as possible.

If you have a favorite framework or approach, we’ll easily incorporate that too.

One-time Payment | $7725

Unlocks all sessions. Use when you need it over 12 months.